Abusina was a Roman military camp of the Roman province of Raetia. It is located at Eining on the Danube ca. 30 km south-west of Regensburg, along the Limes Germanicus. Originally a timbered earth fort erected by the Cohors IV Gallorum in AD 79-81, Abusina was part of the first series of forts established along the Danube. It was replaced by a stone fort under Antoninus Pius (139-161), and around AD 300, a small, strongly fortified fortress was established. The Roman fort of Abusiana was destroyed in a fire c. AD 430. Excavations have revealed the fort, the headquarter building (principia), Commanding Officer’s house with two extensions, and a bath building with annexes, all on the north side. Two sanctuaries were discovered north of the vicus.

Coordinates: 48°51’06.1″N 11°46’16.5″E



3 thoughts on “Abusina

  1. I’m very pleased that you are using beautiful weather to take the photographs and to catch up with the verbal information later. And even without it, we can observe the shadow of your intelligence and intent. Merci bien.


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