My name is Carole Raddato, I am French and I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. My favourite hobby is travelling and for the last 10 years I have taken a huge interest in the history of the ancient world. I usually don’t do things by halves, so I have dedicated all my free time to this passion. I love to share with other history fans all the incredible facts and stories that I discover throughout my journeys. I am neither a professional photographer nor an ancient history scholar, but I hope that everybody can enjoy my photos.

I am particularly interested in everything related to the emperor Hadrian whom I find fascinating. He was himself an incessant traveller, visiting almost every province in the Empire during his reign. When I am looking for new ideas for my travels I usually take inspiration from his journeys and it is a great motivation for me to follow him in his footsteps.

In 2012 I started my Following Hadrian blog to tell the stories behind my photographs. With my Hadrian 1900 project starting in 2017, I intend to reserve my blog for Hadrian related content while I will use this site to cover all the other places I have visited. The focus here is on photography rather than text. The website will always be a work in progress and new archaeological sites and museums will be added on a regular basis.

All my photos are licensed under the Attribution-ShareAlike license. Feel free to contact me if you require high-resolution images. You can also download my photos in high-resolution via my Flickr photostream.