Upper German Limes – Rhineland-Palatinate


The German Limes Road runs along the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes from Rheinbrohl/Bad Hönningen on the Rhine to Regensburg on the Danube as a tourist route. There are numerous historically interesting stations of Roman history in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-
Wuerttemberg and Bavaria along the route. The starting point of the Upper Germanic Limes is located on the right bank of the Rhine in the territory of Bad Hönningen in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and runs to the Regensburg area on the River Danube.

The Limes Road in Rhineland-Palatinate starts with its reconstructed watchtower 1/1 and the interactive museum RömerWelt and runs to the fort at Holzhausen situated at the border between the Nassau Nature Park and the Hessian Rhein-Taunus Nature Park.

The Limes Road in Rhineland Palatinate. https://www.limesstrasse.de


  • Reconstructed watchtower Wp 1/1 (50°30’13.7″N 7°19’08.4″E) Wikipedia
  • RömerWelt Museum (50°30’39.7″N 7°19’36.2″E)
  • Visible stone remains of watchtower Wp 1/8 (50°30’47.4″N 7°21’56.1″E)
  • Reconstructed wooden tower built as a lookout tower for Wp 1/9 about 300 m southeast of Wp 1/8 and about 150 m northwest of Wp 1/9 (50°30’43.4″N 7°22’10.4″E)
  • Visible layout of watchtower Wp 1/10 (50°30’35.4″N 7°22’33.5″E)
  • Reconstructed palisade between Wp 1/10 and Wp 1/11
  • Visible layout and sign of watchtower Wp 1/11 (50°30’14.3″N 7°22’35.9″E)
  • Visible layout and sign of watchtower Wp 1/12 (50°29’59.5″N 7°22’47.7″E)
  • Visible layout and sign of watchtower Wp 1/14 (50°29’39.8″N 7°23’34.2″E)


  • Invisible fort at Heddesdorf (50°26′11.5″ N 7°28′9.5″E) Wikipedia / Deutsche Limeskommission / from the end of the 1st and the end of the 2nd century AD
  • Visible fort and fort baths Niederbieber (50°28’05.0″N 7°28’20.3″E) Wikipedia / Deutsche Limeskommission / from around AD 185/190 AD to until possibly AD 260
  • Reconstructed wachtower 1/37 “Auf dem Wingertsberg“ located about 30 meters away of the original tower site (50°28’38.9″N 7°30’33.9″E)
  • Visible stone remains of watchtower Wp 1/43 (50°28’28.5″N 7°32’59.5″E)
  • Visible layout and sign of watchtower Wp 1/44 (50°28’24.9″N 7°33’36.0″E)
  • Visible layout and sign of watchtower Wp 1/45 (50°28’14.3″N 7°33’46.7″E)
  • Visible layout and sign of watchtower Wp 1/46 (50°28’14.3″N 7°33’46.7″E)


  • Fort Bendord (50°25’10.0″N 7°34’00.0″E) Wikipedia / located about three kilometers from the Limes / Fort occupied during the Flavian, Trajanic, Hadrianic eras / mostly destroyed
  • Reconstructed wachtower Wp1/54 located 20 meters to the south of the original site (50°26’31.2″N 7°35’53.8″E) & reconstructed palisade and rampart
  • Rampart and ditch near Wp 1/59
  • Reconstructed palisade near Wp 1/60


  • Partially reconstructed foundations of watchtower Wp 1/71 & reconstructed palisade (50°24’40.7″N 7°42’36.7″E)
  • Stone foundations of watchtower Wp 1/75 (50°23’50.5″N 7°43’24.5″E)
  • Fortlet Hillscheid (50°24’39.8″N 7°42’35.6″E) Wikipedia


  • Fort Arzbach described on a plaque (50°22’31.2″N 7°44’44.3″E) Wikipedia / Deutsche Limeskommission / From the Trajanic/Hadrianic eras until the middle of the 3rd century
  • Reconstructed wachtower Wp 1/84 (50°22’11.5″N 7°45’23.4″E)
  • Location of watchtower Wp 1/88 and plaque (50°21’30.0″N 7°45’38.2″E)
  • Layout remains and plaque of wachtower WP 1/92 and palisade (50°20’15.3″N 7°44’14.2″E)


  • Reconstructed wachtower Wp 2/1, the oldest rebuilt watchtower in Germany on the Wintesberg
  • Reconstructed foundations of watchtower Wp 2/2 & palisade (50°18’52.9″N 7°43’25.4″E)
  • Traces of watchtower Wp 2/4 & 2/5 and plaque (50°18’01.2″N 7°42’57.8″E)
  • Restored foundations of watchtower Wp 2/7 (50°17’22.2″N 7°43’59.4″E)
  • Visible foundations of watchtower Wp 2/13 and plaque (50°16’11.3″N 7°46’52.6″E)
  • Museum Bad Ems


  • Authentic replica of wood-earth fortlet Pohl with watchtower (50°15’07.7″N 7°51’57.1″E) Wikipedia
  • Limes Park and Museum Limeskastell Pohl/ Website
  • Fort Holzhausen with foundations of inner buildings (50°12’53.6″N 7°56’51.8″E) Wikipedia / dated from Commodus era to mid-3rd century AD

Limes information centre of Rhineland-Palatinate: RömerWelt Rheinbrohl: www.roemer-welt.de